Offering the most efficient and cost-effective ventilation and extraction systems.
Maintaining a good standard of air quality within your home or place of work is essential where outdoor air quality can be less than pristine. We achieve optimum air qualities and tailored systems for the extraction of heat, dust, fumes or humidity.
Our expertise

Heat Recovery Ventilation

We design and implement high-efficiency Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV) systems, from small residential systems, to large scale commercial, Industrial solutions.

Heat recovery systems improve air quality and energy efficiency in homes and businesses by exchanging indoor and outdoor air, retaining warmth from outgoing air to heat incoming fresh air, reducing heating costs and enhancing indoor comfort.

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Air Quality Testing

Identify pollutants and allergens, we implement solutions such as advanced filtration, ventilation and maintenance to enhance air quality.

This not only ensures a healthier and more comfortable environment but also adds substantial value by reducing health risks, increasing productivity and creating a welcoming and safe space for occupants, whether in residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Our innovative services, from air purification systems to humidity control, ensure a clean, safe environment for your family and employees.

Ensuring good air quality within your AC and ventilation systems is crucial for maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment for all occupants.

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Our comprehensive service encompasses the provision, installation and upkeep of a diverse array of ventilation and filtration solutions.

Designed to be highly effective and energy-efficient, our service caters to a wide-range of settings including offices, workshops, warehouses, as well as specialised environments such as clean rooms, IT facilities, and production areas.

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Our accreditations
Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Quality Partner award
Daikin D1+ Premium Partner accreditation award
Register of Companies Competent to Manage Refrigerants Elite accreditation award
Register of Companies Competent to Manage Refrigerants accreditation award
National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting accreditation award
Construction Line accreditation award
CHAS Contractor's Choice accreditation award
Building Engineering Services Association accreditation award
Safety Schemes in Procurement accreditation award
Renewable Energy Consumer Code accreditation award
Consumer Code for Home Chargepoints accreditation award
Pod Point accreditation award
Myenergi accreditation award
Environment Agency accreditation award
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